Reviews and the Best UK Prices for Skycaddie and Shotmiser Golf GPS Rangefinders

Looking to buy the latest GPS Golf Range Finders. Join the thousands of golfers who are embracing this technology. Here you will find reviews, information and price comparisons from all the major retailers including 118golf, Golf Online, Scottsdale, Pargolf Online, Online Golf and Amazon. Don't lose out to your fellow golfer. The new 2nd generation Skycaddie GPS Rangefinder Device is the latest legal piece of golf equipment available.

The latest GPS rangefinder to reach the market for 2010 is the Shotmiser G500. This device combines all the latest features with a simple touch screen at an affordable price.

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R&A Rule Change 01.01.2008 - Breaking News - Golf GPS Devices

Note: The Committee may make a Local Rule allowing players to use
devices that measure or gauge distance only.

GPS Golf Rangefinder - New Ruling

A change in the rules of golf by the R&A now allows the use of Golf GPS measuring devices whilst playing, providing a Local Rule has been approved by individual Golf Clubs. This means that a player can now get accurate distance measurements on the course without the need to keep consulting yardage charts or looking for marker posts. The rule change also allows the use of GPS Golf navigation devices to not only be used in general play but also in Club Competition. What better way to get that bit of advantage on the field whilst playing the Sunday Medal.

A further decision has been made this year by the Professional Golfers Association to allow the use of GPS devices in all its events. The PGA state that though this is an extreme move it is hoped that the introduction of electronic rangefinders like Skycaddie (which is the PGA official device) will combat the ever increasing problem of slow play on the golf course.

GPS on the Golf Course

The market leaders that utilise GPS (Global Positioning System) to determine exact distances on the golf course are Skycaddie and Sureshot GPS. The devices they supply are mini hand held GPS units specifically designed to aid golfers.

  • Get accurate distances on any selected hole.
  • Pin point distance for back, middle and front pin positions.
  • Show distance to hazards that have been mapped on each hole.
  • Speed up play by eliminating the need to pace out yardages from marker posts, sprinkler heads, etc ;
  • Use as a practice aid by measuring distances for each club in the bag.

Thousands of golf courses around the world have already been mapped and the UK has extensive coverage with more courses being professionally mapped daily.

The latest designs of Golf GPS devices are simple to use and allow the player to download professionally mapped courses direct to the GPS unit via USB connection from a Windows PC or MAC computer. They also have the ability for the player to map and store their own data on the units for their own personal use or they can upload them to the manufactures website where they can be uploaded and used by other players.

The new generation of GPS Golf Devices now feature a full colour screen display, which is viewable even in strong sunlight. Both ranges of Skycaddie and Sureshotgps can be clipped onto the players belt or golf bag.

Hot on the heels of Skycaddie is the latest GPS rangefinder from Shotmiser. The fully featured Shotmiser G500 uses touch screen technology similar to that employed in the iPhone and will appeal to golfers looking for a low cost solution that doesn't incur annual membership fees.

Golfers benefits from using a GPS Golf System

The golfer may be perfectly placed in the middle of the fairway or hit a stray shot and finished up in the woods, but by having a GPS Golf Caddie at hand they will always know the exact distance to the green or any of the hazards that have been mapped for that particular course.

The pros have this type of information readily at hand, but still spend too much time pacing out yardages, thus wasting time that could be better spent on club selection and shot shape.
Now golfers of all standards can utilise this technology by clipping a GPS golf device to their belt, bag or buggy. This will improve the pace of play and overall heighten the playing experience.

No need to guesswork the distances to the greens or hazards. With these Golf GPS rangefinders, the golfer can now pinpoint where the trouble ahead lies. The player can now select the right club and make a decision on the type of shot they wish to play and be totally comfortable that they have the necessary information to carry out and execute the shot. How long or wide is the green? What's the carry over the water hazard? How far before the fairway runs out on the approaching dogleg? The informed golfer now knows what risks are involved. With confidence the right club can be selected just by knowing the exact distance to approaching dangers.

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